Preventative Exams & Cleanings

Periodic Oral Evaluation

Exam used to determine any changes in the patients dental and medical health status since the previous exam.

Preventative Exams, Dental Cleanings

Limited Oral Evaluation
Problem Focused

Exam that is limited to a specific area for a problem, dental emergency, trauma, acute infections, etc.

Teeth, gums, dental cleaning, preventative

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation
New or Established

Exam that is a thorough recording of hard and soft tissues. A recording of dental and medical history and general health assessment, dental caries (cavities), missing or un-erupted teeth, restorations (fills/fillings), occlusal relationships, periodontal (tissue) conditions, oral cancer screening, etc.

Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation
New or Established

Exam and probing for patients to determine progression periodontal disease on a patient.


A mechanically or chemically prepared enamel surface can be sealed to prevent decay. Sealants are placed in the grooves and crevasses of the tooth.

Prophylaxis Adult
(teeth cleaning for adults)

Removal of plaque, calculus and stains from the tooth on permanent and transitional dentition.

Prophylaxis Child
(teeth cleaning for a child)

Removal of plaques, calculus and stains from the tooth on primary (baby teeth) and transitional dentition.

Topical Fluoride

Prescription strength fluoride product used to strengthen and protect teeth. Can be used on both adults and children.

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